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Full Service MLS®

​I offer a competitive and generous discount on my half of the commission while providing a enticing co-operative brokerage commission (the commission amount offered to the buyer's agency brokerage). With my full service you are able to save money while receiving quality representation from me. I will charge a standard 6% on the first $100,000 and 3% on the remaining balance of the purchase price.

Please refer to my commission cashback page for details.

What My Full Service Includes:

  • Complete, professional, full time and full service REALTOR® available to you 7 days a week to answer any questions or concerns.  I make myself easily accessible to both my clients and potential buyers.  For example, unlike most brokerages I place my cellphone DIRECTLY on the for sale sign and my website.

  • In-home consultation which includes a comparative market analysis (CMA) for your specific home. During the visit specifications of your property are verified to reduce inaccuracies – it is important that your property is correctly reflected within the MLS® system.

  • Submitting your listing to the Victoria Real Estate Board MLS® system (Matrix).  This ensures maximum exposure, making your listing not only available on®, but also to buyers engaged by local Victoria REALTORS® on the Private Client Service System.  Your home will be promoted on multiple websites including,, Jerry Xiong Real Estate Instagram and Facebook pages, and with one open house hosted by Jerry Xiong.

  • Professional Fair Realty “For Sale” sign will be installed to attract prospective buyers passing by.  A 2011 survey performed by the Victoria Real Estate Board showed 5.18% of buyers first learned about a property via a real estate sign.

  • Coordinating showings and gathering feedback.  Before showing or previewing your property, I will notify you of the timing, and, if it’s acceptable, the appointment will be confirmed.  After the showing feedback from the showing REALTOR® is obtained.  Feedback can be crucial in making adjustments to help sell your property.

  • A lockbox installed on your property. REALTORS® in Victoria use lockboxes operated on an infraRed system. The iBox release mechanism is triggered by pointing an electronic display key or, in some cases, a synchronized cell phone, at the sensor. The sensor records the user’s information and releases the bottom of the lockbox, which contains the keys. This means you do not have to be present at home during the showing!

  • 4K resolution photos taken by a professional and uploaded to®, and In the day and age of internet marketing photos are crucial to your success and I will ensure they look their best!  Professional Floor Plans are also included with my Full Service MLS®!

  • Virtual property tours done of your  home by a professional and uploaded to and MLS® Matrix website.

  • A fair co-operative REALTORS® commission of 3% on the first $100,000 and 1.5% on the balance of the purchase price will be offered so other REALTORS® have maximum incentive to show your property.

  • Market Updates. Every two weeks I will send you an up-to-date  on the state of the market via email including any relevant sales or factors in regards to your property and area.

  • Negotiations on your behalf from a CNE® (Certified Negotiation Expert) designated agent to ensure you receive the maximum price for your home.

  • Full assistance with the conditional period, unconditional period, completion and possession.  For example, inspections can bring a lot of problems to the transaction with various issues such as asbestos, CSA certifications and more.  With the full service package I assist in the entire conditional process from inspections to financing.

  • No cancellation fees!  Cancel your listing contract at any time without any fees.

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